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The Complete List

Albin, Kenneth W. (American 1955- )
Ken's MIDI Compositions [.mid] 12, Classical Style
Alexander, Rick
Original MIDI Files ! (No MIDI files on this page.)
Alonso, Vicente Molina
composiciones originales en midi [.mid] 8
Anderson, Rod (Canadian 1935- )
Rod's Concert Hall (No MIDI files on this page.)
Angelino, Emanuele (Italian)
Emanuele Angelino's Web Concert [.mid] 19
Armand, Turpel
Aesthetics of the Prime Numbers Sequence [.mid] 1
Bach, Uwe
Uwe Bach's Homepage - My Music Page [.mid] 12, Style: Pop
Barbosa, AndrÈ Luiz
AndrÈ Luiz Barbosa Home Page [.mid] 1
Bard, Yohan
Yohan Bard's Original MIDI Files - The Present [.mid] 17
Bardant, Jean-Xavier (French 1968- )
Du boeuf pour MIDI - Jam for Breakfast [.mid] 16
Bertel, Jean-Luc
Wind and Brass (Free sheet music) [.mid] 3 (More on other pages.)
Belt, Bob (American 1968- )
Bob Belt - Artist Programmer [.mid] 3
Besteiro, Agustin (Argentina 1985- )
Agustin Besteiro MIDI Compositions [.mid] 6, Classical Style
Birch, Alisdair MacRae
Lead Sheets & Compositions [.mid] 6, jazz
Blackman, Merric (Australian)
The ELF's Home Page [.mid] 4
Boersma, Van (American)
Ded Serius MIDI Files [.mid] 2
Bogenhuber, Benedikt (Austrian)
Benedikt Bogenhuber's Download Page [.zip] 12
Bonnell, Bob
Bob's Mighty MIDI [.mid] 80, Pop Style
Bomanns, Heinz-Josef
Seems to Require JavaScript: Bomi's MIDI Files & Original Compositions [.mid] 18, Pop Style
Borelli, Marcos (Brazilian 1965- )
Lots of MIDIs [.mid] 3 Originals
Bramich, Keith (British 1958- )
MIDI Pieces by Keith Bramich [.mid] 60+ and growing.
Burton, Julie (Australian)
MIDI Pond [.mid] 22,Modern, Classical, Jazz, Latin
Cadero, George (American/Portuguese 1940- )
Gecadero's Original Sequencing {.mid] 24 Popular, R&R, Country
Caldeira, Lu’s
MIDI Page Portugal - Original MIDI Files [.mid] 5
Cannon, Chris (American 1954- )
Chris Cannon's Original MIDI Tunes (No MIDI files on this page.)
Caponi, Robert
T.W.I.D.N.- Music & MID [.mid] 6, Classical Style
Carlson, Christopher M. (American 1970- )
Classical Compositions [.mid] 14
Cavalcante, Hermes de Lima
Hermes de Lima Cavalcante - MIDI Composer [.mid] 21
Cornett, Derek (American 1961- )
Derek's Jukebox MIDI Files require JavaScript: contemporary, experimental, wacky
Croteau, Lee
Boogie Woogie Beethoven [.mid] 7
Cummerow, Daniel
The Sound of Mathematics [.mid] 25, AlgorithmicAl
Cummins, Gary (American 1960- )
Gary Cummins (The MIDI Time Zone) [.mid] 16
Damon, Sean (American 1968- )
The Original Music of Sean Damon [.mid] 19
deOgburn, Scott (USA 1955- )
Demo - MIDI and MP3 [.mid] 3, Jazz Style
Dill, Brian
Brian Dill's Original MIDI Files [.mid] 24
Di Marino, Roberto (Italian 1956-)
Tre Notturni for Guitar [.mid] 3
Diangelo, Frank
frank's awemusic [.mid] 16, EM
Dupont, Erick (French 1964- )
Musique quand tu nous tiens - Mes compositions - [.mid] 6
Filho, Adelmar Reis
A.R.MIDI [.mid] 6, Brazillian, Cuban, Jazz
Fingerhut, Larrance
Music for Theater and Dance [.mid] 35
Fiorini, Jef (American)
Jef's MIDI Life Crisis Center [.mid] 19
Fowler, Gary
Ye Olde Pots And Pans Page [.mid] 41
Gannon, T. C. (American 1956- )
TCG's MIDI Page--Original Tunes [.mid] 44
Gather, Sandy
Music by MIDI Sandy [.mid] 39
Gaynor, Bob (American 1949- )
Bob G's Cool Jazz Original XG Files [.mid] 9
Gibson, Jack (American 1952- )
Musica Mia [.mid] 13
Gjermundsen, Morten
MIDI Files by by Morten Gjermundsen [.mid] 16
Gomes, Miguel de Andrade (Portuguese 1972- )
Compositions of Miguel de Andrade Gomes [.mid] 31, Classical Style
Gonzalez, Raul
Rbrav's Original MIDI Page [.mid] 20 Some are not his own compositions.
Gridlock, Slorge
Slorge Gridlock's MIDI Files [.mid] 13
Grzymkowski, Paul J.
My Stuff [.mid] 10
Hawkins, Jim (American 1946- )
Jim Hawkin's MIDI Page [.mid] 4
Hilby, Bert (German 1944- )
Bert Hilby: Musiker, Komponist, .... [.mid] 12, Pop Style
Honda, Yuzuru (Japanese)
Honda's Original MIDI [.mid] 27
Howard, Klaus
My MIDI Files [.mid] 6
Jacobs, Mark Eliot (American 1960- )
Mark Eliot Jacobs [.mid] 5
Johansson, Olle
Olle Johansson Original Jazz Fusion MIDI & MP3 - Jazz Fusion [.mid] 15
Johnson, Mark
Original MIDI Files and Links [.zip] Almost 20
Jones, Bill
Bill Jones Music Studio [.mid] 3 Originals
Joung, Grant H.
Music of the Black Hole Sun [.mid] 10 EM, At least one is not his own composition
Kottas, Stergios (Greek 1966-)
One mini MIDI Jam a Day [.mid] 80
Kroll, Ty
Ty Kroll: Composer [.mid] 23
Kubota, Yo (Japanese)
Mandelbrot Suit 1 for a micro tone piano [.mid] 12 CG
Lascoe, Tom
Tom Lascoe's MIDI Room [.mid] 38, Christian Praise & Worship
Lillie, Michael II
MILII-MIDI Files (See bottom of the page) [.mid] 25
Liver, Matthew (Mateusz Watroba) (Polish)
Contemporary Ragtime Compositions by Matthew Liver
Luebbert, David (American, 1954- )
Tune Description for the Luebbert Tune Cellar [.mid] 121, Jazz Style
Lynne, Bjorn
Fantasy / Nature inspired original MIDI songs by Bjorn Lynne .mid 22
Marshall, Diane L.
My Original Compositions [.mid] 7
Martin, Richard (American 1940- )
Richard Martin's Original Music Files [.mid] 69
McConahay, Brad (American 1965- )
Brad's Tunes [.mid] 7 Jazz/Rock
Mertes, Martina (German)
MIDI-Träumereien [.mid] 17, Pop Style
Milmerstadt, Christopher (American 1967- )
.mid downloads [.mid] 10, a-tonal, classical, avante garde
Mitchell, Bill
Bill Mitchell's MIDI Music Compositions [.mid] 2
Moir, T. J.
Original MIDI Files [.mid] 21, Styles: Spookie, Wierd, Classical, Gentle
Morgenheim, Ian P. (USA 1982- )
Love Bivouac: Original Music [.mid] 51, Misc., Experimental
Nagata, Hiroto (Japanese)
Original Works [.mid] 3, Classical Style
Neary, Tony (Irish)
Dufada MIDI Music Irish [.mid] 8
Ogawa, Sumitaka (Japanese)
Web Concert Hall (No MIDI files on this page.)
Ohigashi, Yuko (Japanese- Filipino-Chinese 1987- )
Yuko in Solo Piano [.mid] 17
Okada, Chuck
Casa de MIDI [.mid] 21
Olvera, Victor Rafael
Victor Rafael Olvera's HomePage [.mid] 3, Classical-style
Owen, Stan Jr
Creative Minds Music - Original MIDI File by S. Owen, Jr [.mid] 18
Peereboom, Jan
Jan Peereboom's Original Compositions [.mid] 4 [.zip] 0
Perry, Steve
Steve's Web - Music [.mid] 20
Pokorski, Ryszar (Poland)
COMPOSER - RYSZARD POKORSKI [.mid] 38 - Blues, Rock, Pop, ...
Polo Moya, Enrique (Spanish 1954- )
Misa de Consolacion [.mid] 4, Classical Style
Popoff, Andrew (Russian)
A.P.Music Studio [.mid] 15
Oliva, Marcos (Brazilian 1964- )
Nau Musical [.mid] 6, Samba, Bossa Nova, Choro, ...
Ralph, Christopher E. (American, 1973- )
The Mercurial Composer's Page [.mid] 38, Style: Clssical (Minimalist)
Risbert, Bradford Savio [.zip] 10
Ross, Gerald
Gerald's Original Compositions [.mid] 2
Rozman, Gregor
Ambrosia (MIDI Classical Music) [.mid] 120 EM, Some songs are not his own originals.
Rubenstein, David (American 1954- )
Music for Many Moods [.mid] 22
Russo, Carl
Carl Russo's Music Studio (No MIDI files on this page.) Style: classical and baroque flavor
Sabatini, Frank (America 1987- )
Frank Sabatini's Music [.mid] 14
Sagerquist, Vic
Vicman's Original MIDI Files [.mid] 47, Styles: Classical, Funk, ...
Said, Amir Awad (Egyptian 1972- )
Happy Prince [.mid] 3, Style: Classical
Saphra, David F. (American 1951- )
Midi's for Kiddies , Children's Songs by D. F. Saphra [.mid] 13
Scharpf, Lewis G. Jr.
A Joyful Noise [.mid] 13
Signorile, James V. (American 1952- )
James V. Signorile, MIDI sequences of my original... [.mid] 19, Classical style
Sirotta, Michael (American 1944- )
Michael Sirotta's Music Page [.mid] 2
Skovorodnikov, Vitaly (Russian)
Original MIDI Compositions [.mid] 12, Rock, Electronica
Sobczk, Lukasz (Polish)
Lukasz Sobczk [.mid] 9, PopStyle
Spondike, David (American 1961- )
David Spondike's Fractal Music - Hearing the Mandelbrot Set
St Germaine, Arthur
Descriptive Piano Music [.mid] 33 - ClassicalStyle
Sunami, Christopher
Instrumental Music
Tagawa, Misora (Japanese)
Free MIDI English Information [.mid] 13
Tantsorov, Igor
Igor's Original MIDI Songs [.mid] 14
Ti, Kai-Moy (Chinese 1947- )
Ti Kai Moy's MIDI Page [.mid] 8, Pop Style
Toivonen, Esa (Finnish)
Esa Toivonen's MIDI Music [.mid] 27, Pop Style
Turner, Shane (Canadian 1979- )
The MIDIleval MIDI Files Download Page [.mid] 10
van den Bos, Hans (Dutch)
Vandenbos Music Pages [.mid] 15, Jazz Style
Walloch, Antone S.
Big Band Music of Antone S. Walloch [.mid] 3
Walthius, Michael D. (American 1957- )
Web Tunes [.mid] 18 EM, Music of Cyberspace (No MIDI files on this page.)
Walz, Aaron (American)
Original MIDI Compositions [.mid] 24, Video game music, character pieces, orchestral
Webb, Mel
Mel Webb's Original MIDI Compositions [.mid] 30, Pop Style
Wenzel, Joel
richard12's Home Page [.mid] 14
West, Dan
Wild West's Music Studio-Original Compositions [.mid] 190, Jazz, Latin, Rock, Country
White, Ed
Ed's MIDI Tunes [.mid] 3
Will, Penny - Children's Music [.mid] 9
Winenger, Dwight (American 1936- )
Dwight Winenger's Catalog of Works [.mid] 3, Modern Classical Style
Yamashita, Shinji (Japanese)
DTM [.mid] 15
Yates, Ron (American 1947- )
ETRAX Productions - Electronic Music Tracks MIDI Page (No MIDI Files on this page.)
Young, John G.
Music by John G. Young, M.D [.mid] 4


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