Land Mobile Radio, sometimes called PMR, PMAR, LMR, PRS, MRS, SMR, ESMR...

LMR radios and systems. Conventional and trunked. Digital and analog
Motorola Land Mobile Products
Software-enhanced wireless telephone, two-way radio and messaging products and systems, as well as networking and Internet-access products, for consumers, network operators, and commercial, government and industrial customers.
Sepura Limited
Sepura is totally dedicated to designing, developing and supplying TETRA radios for the emergency services, government, military and to transport and utility companies. Sepura has chosen Siemens as its manufacturing partner.
Team simoco
Team simoco - the innovative integrated radio solutions provider with a unique industry heritage. Legacy systems or latest communications technologies, our expertise and commitment to our customers is hard to beat.
Simoco Digital UK
Simoco Digital UK Limited (SDUKL) specialises in providing TETRA Radio Communication Infrastructure and Systems worldwide, based on the latest IP network technology.
Kenwood Communications Corporation
Quality two-way radios for professionals in government and private industry, our complete line of conventional and trunked mobiles and portables are Mil-Spec rugged, loaded with features and priced right.
ICOM Land Mobile Radios
The world's quality manufacturer of amateur, avionic, land mobile, FRS, marine and communications scanner & receiver equipment
Vertex Standard
 We offer total system solutions to the world's commercial communication and public safety markets. Products include base repeaters to utility and mobile transceivers, and all meet the strictest national or regional standards.
Zetron - Communication Solutions for Mission-Critical Operations
Zetron's product line includes the following types of devices: Interconnect, Microphone, Rural Telephony, Tone Panel & Repeater Controller, Trunking Repeater Controller, Digital Hybrid, Radio Remote Control, Digital Switch, Dispatch Telephony, Radio Console
E.F. Johnson Radio Communication Products and Systems
EFJohnson provides digital Project 25 compliant interoperable wireless communications systems solutions for federal, state and local agencies involved with homeland security and public safety.
NIROS Communication A/S
We develop and manufacture highly advanced mobile and portable radio communication equipment for both voice and data transmission, for professional users worldwide.
MA-COM Wireless Systems
Former GE, former Ericsson, former Com-Net Ericsson Critical Radio Systems. As a leader in critical communications, and with an installed base of more than 450 trunked dispatch radio systems, M/A-COM Wireless Systems serves public safety, utility, industrial, commercial and government markets worldwide.
Ericsson Land Mobile Radio
Analog trunked systems. Ericsson mobile radio are now Telenor Connect. We develop and manufacture systems and terminals for private radio systems.  Information about Mobitex here!
Nokia Professional Mobile Radio
Today's police forces constantly face fresh challenges. Modern digital mobile communication systems, such as Nokia TETRA, make it possible to meet new demands as never before. Terminals page
R&S BICK Mobilfunk GmbH (Homepage)
MPT1327 and Tetra. R&S BICK Mobilfunk will inform you about products for ACCESSNET® and Trunked Radio communication.
Tait Electronics - Radio Communications
MPT1327. Tait has a superbly integrated product range encompassing both conventional and trunked radio products. Tait trunking systems are based on open system standards which provide not only spectral efficiency and other trunking features but also the ability to use equipment from a variety of competitive sources.
Ingeniorfirmaet H. MORTENSEN AS
It is our goal, with the use of own and other innovative products, to be a leading system integrator either direct to customers or via selected partners, primarily within mobile communication based on PMR, GSM, TETRA and coming wireless networks.
Maxon Europe Ltd.
Maxon is a world leader in the design and manufacture of portable and mobile professional FM two-way Land Mobile Radios, Specialized Mobile Radios, GMRS/DOT frequency two-way radios, and a variety of optional accessory items
Welcome to the OTE world. OTE specialises in providing TETRA Radio Communication network infrastructures and terminals as well as Air Traffic Control digital network infrastructures worldwide.
TP Radio
TP RADIO is a Danish manufacturer of professional VHF/UHF Transceivers and Base stations. We have specialized in fast data transmission on traditional Land Mobile Radio frequencies (68-470MHz).
DANPHONE - Your Supplier of dedicated Networks
DANPHONE Is one of Denmark's leading manufacturers of advanced Radio Communications Systems for dedicated networks DANPHONE has specialized in designing systems for ports, harbours and coast guards as well as for the offshore industry
Thales Communications Inc.
Thales Communications, Inc. (formerly Racal Communications) is a world leader in secure, tactical, handheld and miniature radio equipment.
Welcome to Codan Pty Ltd Online
Codan is an international leader in the provision of sophisticated remote-area communications, with markets in more than 150 countries.
Rohill Engineering B.V. - Reliable in advanced communication
Most of the products and services are related to trunked mobile radio systems, which are compliant to open standards, including MPT-1327/1343 and TETRA. Also conventional radio systems are designed and supplied for applications which do not require the high capacity and flexibility provided by trunked radio systems.
Since 1974 Teltronic, has been dedicated to the design, manufacture and commercialization of radio communications equipment and systems for professional use.
Welcome to Zodiac Communications ApS - Home
Base stations and repeaters. Icom and Motorola portables and mobiles.
CTE - Alan - Midland
Our 3 specialised divisions CB, PMR, Broadcasting, offer suited solutions able to anticipate the market needs and to operate a highly flexible technical and commercial consultancy.
Datron World Communications
Public safety products - DWC's Guardian TM series radios are APCO Project 25 compliant provate land mobile radio equipment for federal, state and local safety agencies.
Daniels Electronics Ltd. radio repeater & base station manufacturer
Modular rack mounted Low Band VHF, VHF AM, VHF FM, UHF, 800 MHz, 900 MHz base stations and radio repeater systems (Analog / Digital P25). Commercially powered or Solar / Battery powered for low current drain remote telecommunications systems.
UNIMO Technology
Unimo Technology Co., Ltd is a first-rate technology-intensive company focused in the advanced field of radio communication and video monitoring systems. Unimo seeks to meet all the customer's requirements in design, production, delivery, installation, and test runs.
Plettac mobile radio GmbH
We are planning, developing, producing, having and selling voice and data two-way radios as well special applications.
Etherstack is undisputedly the world's leading independant supplier of wireless protocol software to public/land mobile radio industry manufacturers - with an established client base in Europe, Asia and North America.
E.M.C. s.p.a
E.M.C. s.p.a. is an Italian company that developes and produces mobile/fixed/base VHF and UHF transceivers in its premises in Modena. The company also produces repeater stations for both single and synchronised use.
PROD-EL's web site!
Prod-El S.p.A., a Marconi Communications Group Company, designs and manufactures mobile radio communication systems for the PMR market from 1956 for Police Forces and Civil Organizations. Company expertise lies within manufacturing and installing simulcast networks, which permit radio-links, between mobile users, to operate within a wide coverage area by using few frequencies.


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