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Jerkasmarknad would like to invite you to visit our site. We are presently looking for a few selected individuals to add to our list of quality artists. If you have a moment please go to Jerkasmarknad and take a look at our venue.

First and foremost Jerkasmarknad is the place to find International Fine Art, Antiques, Collectables, Prints, Photography, Arts and Crafts and numerous other quality hand made products produced by some of today’s most renowned artists.

If you join our family of artists you will be exposed to thousands of collectors, gallery owners, and buyers from around the world. Jerkasmarknad provides the highest quality venue and a superior marketing force to promote your artwork worldwide.

We appreciate you taking the time to view or site.

The Art Team

We do respect your privacy and if you do not wish to receive any more correspondence from us please reply to this email and type in Remove in the subject line and we will take your name off of our list. Please allow 48 hrs.

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